Dogma Snow Foxy Teal
Dogma Snow Foxy Teal
Dogma Snow Foxy Teal
Dogma Snow Foxy Teal
Dogma Snow Foxy Teal
Dogma Snow Foxy Teal
Dogma Snow Foxy Teal
Dogma Snow Foxy Teal
Dogma Snow Foxy Teal
Dogma Snow Foxy Teal
Dogma Snow Foxy Teal
Dogma Snow Foxy Teal

Dogma Snow Foxy Teal

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This sock is both gentle and strong at the same time. It offers soft and gentle merino wool in combination with functional materials for all day comfort. Medium compression will give you perfect fit, better recovery times and most important, it won’t slip. Stronger cushioning gives you lighter shoe contact and less reactive transmission of energy. At the same time it ensures high level of warmth and protection.  Designed for an athlete that wants precision and control but doesn’t want to sacrifice comfort and style. If you are always cold, have sensitive skin and feet this should be your weapon of choice.


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Achilles Shield

Strategically placed cushions that absorb impacts and keep your sensitive Achilles tendon protected from friction and bruises.

Anatomical design

As we humans are born with left and right body parts, so are our socks. They have anatomically designed form so they could match your feet better.

Shin guard

These cushioned protection pads on your shin will minimize impact and vibrations transferred from your ski and snowboard boots to your body.

Calf guard

Calfs can be stressed by numerous little vibrations during long ski hours and snowboard jumps. To prevent calf injuries and speed up the recovery we have designed a special calf support that disperses the vibrations through layered channels and minimizes impact to your legs and body.

Aircon tech

Climate changes hourly and you can’t wear multiple types of socks on your activities. That’s why we incorporated smart materials in all our products. Their technology will regulate the temperature in your feet. When you’re cold they will warm you up, when you’re hot they will cool you down. The socks will stay dry and will lead the moisture away from your feet.

Ankle guard

Exposed ankle bones often get bruised. That is why we have developed pads that keep your ankle intact and safe.

Compress power

Gradual compression power in our socks will support your muscles so you could perform better, longer and safer. The compress power technology stimulates blood flow and gives you more power. It reduces muscle soreness and post activity fatigue. You will recover faster so you can perform again faster than your competitors.


Perfect, gentle and flat stitch that won’t hurt your feet. You can run and walk, bike and ski for miles but your feet will stay blister free.

Cushion tech

Whether you are skiing, running, snowboarding or hiking, your feet endure massive stress, friction and impacts. This will make you tired and injured. Our cushion tech provides additional support in the heel, foot and toe area. Cushioned technology makes a soft shield between your foot and shoes and minimizes all the stress coming to your feet.

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